Possum Werks 8001: Johannes Steinhoff


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Scott Van Aken



Here is another fine new sheet. This time from Possum Werks and it covers four of the early rides of Johannes 'Macky' Steinhoff, who survived a horrendous Me-262 crash to become a senior officer in the modern day Luftwaffe.

This particular sheet covers four of his 109s in 1/48 scale

First is a 109E-3 from August 1940 while with 4./JG 52

Next, with 2./JG 52 is a 109G-2 from October 1940

The third option is an F-4 variant from January 1943 when Kommodore of JG 77.

The final 109 is a G-6 again while Kommodore of JG 77, but this time in August 1943.

The sheet provides full markings and stencils for all four options plus a few 'spares'. A full data placement guide is given and the instructions are in full color. Were I to change anything, it would be to provide actual color information for each markings option. It may be my eyes, but I have trouble deciding exactly what the camo scheme colors are for aircraft 2 and 3 as some shades don't seem to match the color guide. Looking at the profile of aircraft #2 on the website, I now know this is RLM 74/75, but  the instruction sheet profile looks like dark green and brown.  I know this is a minor thing, but I'd rather have positive color ID than to try to match up colors, especially when some of them are so close to each other.

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Cartograf and is in perfect register.

Overall, it is a fine sheet and provides markings that have been overlooked by other decal makers. I do hope that Possum Werks will continue with sheets like this.

Thanks to Possum Werks for the review sheet. Visit the link to see about ordering yours.

December 2007

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