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White Dog PMT 72003 for B-24H Liberator




493 BG

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Scott Van Aken


Dry Transfer sheet

I think I have gone on enough about the B-24. It will come as no surprise that Don Fenton, who does these decals, is a B-24 fan of the highest degree. This particular B-24 is from the 862 BS/493 BG and is entitled 'Rum Runner'. It is an OD over Neutral Grey plane, and while it has no nose art, per se, the name is prominently displayed on both sides of the nose.

The recommended kit for this plane is the Minicraft 1/72 B-24M. You will have to do some slight modifications to the kit in the form of enlarging the nose windows and modifying the rear gun turret. This aircraft also has had the wing and stab de-icer boots removed, showing the bare metal underneath.

What makes this sheet so interesting is that it can be applied either as a waterslide decal or a dry transfer. Those of you who have used dry transfers know that they are superior to waterslide, but a bit more difficult to work with. For one thing, when they are in position, that is it. However, they don't have to be trimmed and silvering is almost completely eliminated. 

 This particular sheet is a very limited run of only 50 items. Don has just a handful of them left so you need to contact him soon if you want one.

These sheets are only available by mail from White Dog. You can contact them at:

Don Fenton
11629 James Grant Dr.
El Paso, TX  79936

You can e-mail Don at for more information.

Review copy courtesy of White Dog Decals. Thanks for your support. 

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