PMA  PMAP003: Super Thin Masking Tape

One item that all modelers use at one time or another is masking tape. The stuff is great for holding parts together as well as for providing a barrier against overspray. The best tape is that which sticks well and does not leave a residue.

This tape from PMA comes in a variety of widths and this particular one is 3mm wide. That makes it especially useful for initial masking of areas where wider tapes will not fit without cutting. It is also very good for masking canopies for the same reason. The thin size also can be used to highlight the window areas allowing you to later use wider tape or liquid mask for fill in.

The roll comes in 25 meter lengths making it quite long lasting. Car modelers will appreciate the thinness of this tape to be used to mask pin stripes. The tape comes in several other widths from 1-5mm

March 2012

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