PMA Decals PMAD029: E-2C Hawkeye




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Scott Van Aken


For the 1/72 Hasegawa or Fujimi kit

This set from PMA decals contains markings for all six of the E-2T aircraft operated by the ROCAF. Four of these planes (151xxx serial range) were originally delivered as E-2A/Bs and brought up to the latest E-2T 2000 specs, complete with the 8 bladed props. The other two are relatively new builds (166xxx serial range).

The decal set provides both standard and low visibility markings for the insignia and aircraft nose badges. These planes can also be built with either the original four bladed props or the new eight blade versions, so you have a very wide range of possibilities from which to choose. In addition to a full stencil suite, you have additional numbers and serials to allow any of the six aircraft to be modeled.

The superbly printed full color markings, data, and painting guide gives a table that shows the serial/number correlations. The decals themselves are superbly printed with no registration errors. They are a bit thicker than some of the tissue thin ones we have seen from the Czechs, and are also quite glossy.

An excellent choice for those of you wanting something a bit different.


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