PMA Decals PMAD013: Mirage 2000-5Ei




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Scott Van Aken


For any 1/48 Mirage 2000-5 Single seat kit

One of the many satisfied buyers of Mirage jets is the Republic of China Air Force. This sheet from PMA decals is a nice set of markings for any of the 48 Mirage 2000-5Ei single seat jets that are in service. This sheet contains the low viz markings currently used on pretty much all tactical aircraft.

The sheet provides a full set of stencils as well as enough numbers to duplicate the jet of your choice. This includes markings for missiles and for the underwing tanks. For kits, you can choose from ones from Heller or Eduard (reboxed Heller) or Kinetic. Yes, the Heller kit is older than some modelers, but the Mirage 2000 series has not been well represented in either scale. The decals themselves are superbly printed and glossy. The full color instructions includes color information in Gunze paint references, one of which will need mixed.

In all, an excellent choice for replacement markings for your next M2K. 

March 2012

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