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 MSAP 1/72 Bf-109E Poland and France




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Scott Van Aken



As you may have read in my earlier review of an MSAP sheet, this is an early one. Also done, but which I did not buy, were sheets on Hurricanes and Spitfires of the early war. Like the earlier sheet, this one has all the decals under a single carrier film which will require cutting out the individual decals. The decals are quite matte.

Unlike the earlier sheet, this one has a lot of Bf-109E-1s and a couple of E-3s. To my knowledge, no one does a good kit of the early E-1 in 1/72 scale. Hopefully some one will do a resin wing for the Hasegawa or Tamiya kits so this variant can be built.

All of the E-1s are in the early scheme of RLM 70/71 upper with RLM 65 lowers, and look very much alike with the exception of numbers and unit badges. Some have very large wing crosses.

#1 is from I/JG 1  and sports a White 15 on the nose, an unusual position for individual aircraft numbers.

Next is white 14 from JG 21

The third entry is red 11 of IV/JG132 (later I/JG77) in prewar markings

Another prewar marked aircraft is white 3 of JG 132 (later JG 26).

White 4 is from 1/JG 20 (later 7/JG 51).

Yellow 3 is a 3/JG 51 aircraft with an interesting skeletal hand marking on the fuselage.

Now for the two E-3s on the sheet.

The first is in RLM 71/02 over RLM 65. White 1 is from 1/JG 2. This aircraft was shot down and reflown by the French.

Finally White 5 from III/JG 2. Also in RLM 71/02, it has been heavily dappled with a brush or sponge in RLM 71.

Seven very nice schemes for any diehard Bf-109E modeler. The sheet includes insignia for all subjects, but has no common markings at all. Those will have to be gleaned from the kit decals or other sources.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet

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