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 MSAP 1/72 Bf-109E Battle of Britain




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Scott Van Aken



MSAP is a Canadian company that most have not heard from before. This is one of their earliest sheets and as such has no item number. It also has one other trait of early sheets in that all of the decals are on a single carrier so must be cut out individually before use. My only other previous experience with MSAP decals was a later P-51D sheet and I found the decals on that sheet to be stiff and brittle. Not sure what these will be like, but you will see as they will be used on an upcoming project.

One thing about the sheet is that it offers a full set of markings for each subject and there are a goodly number of fuel and oil markings. Other stencil data will have to come from the kit decals or another source.

Ok, so now on to the sheet itself. All are various subtypes of the Bf-109E.

First on the sheet is an E-4 from II./JG 3. This is in standard RLM 71/02 uppers with RLM 65 lowers. The rudder and nose are in white. The panel in front of the windscreen is a replacement and is RLM 65 mottled with RLM 71. Spinner is quartered in red and white.

White 2 is an E-3  from II/JG 51. This is also in 71/02 uppers and 65 lowers. This particular aircraft has enlarged underwing crosses and the upper tail overpainted in RLM 71.

Third aircraft from 9./JG 26 is an E-4 in standard RLM 71/02 upper and 65 lower surfaces. This particular aircraft has yellow wing and stabilizer tips and a yellow triangle in the tail. This is similar to a kit I built several years ago, though in 1/48.

Next is another white 2, this one an E-3 from 4./JG 52. This is in the early scheme of RLM 70/71 upper and 65 lower with the upper colors coming down to the bottom of the fuselage. It has a yellow cowling and rudder. 

White 13 is an E-3 from III./JG 54. This is in the later RLM 74/75 upper and 76 lower colors. Like the aircraft above it also has a yellow nose and rear of the rudder. It has a white spinner and light mottling on the fuselage side

In RLM 70/02/65 is Yellow M, an E-4 from 6/LG6, a ground attack unit. Fuselage is mottled with RLM 71 and 02. The nose and rudder are in white. Spinner is yellow and black.

Finally, an E-4 from JG 53. This is in the later RLM 74/75/76 colors with a lightly mottled fuselage side in RLM 75. Rudder and wing tips are white and it has a red nose band, which will have to be painted on.

All in all, a nice selection of Bf-109Es.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet

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