Montex K 32040: P-38J Lightning

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Scott Van Aken

You may not believe it, but this is the first Bf-109 sheet that I've reviewed in nearly 4 months. It must be that folks are running out of camo options, or that no one has sent me any in that amount of time!

This is one of the line of Montex decal masks that Design and Marketing International is carrying and like most of that line, it provides a comprehensive set of masks to do the insignia and most of the other markings. In this case, it also has masks for the inside and outside of the canopy, as well as providing wheel masks. Since unit badges and other personal artwork would be easier to do with a decal, those have been provided as such. Masks are provided to do the white background as these decals are quite thin. I'd say they were done on an ALPS printed and as such have a single carrier over the markings.

The two aircraft on this sheet are both from the Russian front and both have extremely complex camouflage patterns.

First is Hans von Hahn's 1./JG 3 aircraft from July 1941. It has a camo pattern of many circles that will surely challenge most of us to paint.

The other is Han Beisswenger's 6./JG 54 aircraft, also from July 1941. This unit has a most complex 'veined' pattern on the fuselage side.

Regardless of which is chosen, the end result will be stunning.

You may be thinking "Hey, there isn't a kit of the F-2 in 1/32". You are correct, but Aires does a conversion set of the Hasegawa kit that you can use while awaiting a proper 109F kit in this scale. As with other Montex reviews, I've shown only the guide sheet and decals as the masks would be just a solid sheet if scanned.

August 2005

My thanks to Design and Marketing International for the review set. Visit them to order this and other fine Montex sets.

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