Montex K 24008 Bf-109G-6

Units: 23 and 150 Gruppo


$15.89 from Design-Marketing Int'l


Scott Van Aken

For the big Trumpeter 109G-6 comes this sheet for a pair of Reggia Aeronautica Bf-109G-6s from the summer of 1943. The decal masks include both inner and outer canopy masks as well as unit markings, insignia and other bits. Both appear to be basically in RLM 74/75/76 with any over-painting done in Italian light grey as used on the undersides of their planes. Both have white fuselage bands, spinners and lower wing tips.

First up is from 70 Squadrigia, 23 Gruppo, 3 Stormo. This one has the tropical filter and large sections of the fuselage over-painted in what seems like a dark green and light grey.

The other is from 363 Squadriglia, 150 Gruppo and is in a more 'normal' camo scheme. Like the other aircraft, this one has under wing 20mm cannon pods. I found it interesting that neither of them carry upper wing insignia.

As with all the K series sets, there is a color three view of each option to assist with markings placement.

My thanks to Design and Marketing International for the review set. Visit them to order this and other fine Montex sets.

November 2005

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