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Scott Van Aken

It has been quite some time since I've had the opportunity to review a Montex mask set and this is a good one. Designed for the Trumpeter 1/32 kit for the P-47D Razorback. The set provides markings for two aircraft, one of them being particularly colorful.

The first option is from the 525 FS/86 FG operating in Italy during 1944. This one has a red and white striped tailplane and a particularly fearsome shark mouth. All of the markings, including the shark mouth and stripes are included in the mask set. There is full instructions on the sequence of masking and painting needed to duplicate the shark mouth. This plane had its serial in an unusual place and apparently the reference photos were a bit fuzzy as the set includes both possible serials for you. Some of the markings, such as the nose art have been done on standard water slide decals.

The other option is one that is not quite so mask intensive and is of an RAF Thunderbolt in South East Asia. This is a 258 Squadron plane based at Arkonam during late 1944. This aircraft is the one carrying the nose art and it also has a red and white checkered forward cowling. Again, the checks are included in the masking set.

Though I have shown the six sheets included in the masks, they are rather difficult to see in the photo so a shot of the masking guide has been included. You'll see that the set includes both interior and exterior canopy masks to help you do the interior colors properly. An instrument panel mask is also included.

It is a superbly done set and if you have never tried painting on your markings, you'll see that the extra effort is very much worth it. 

January 2014

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