Montex 1/32 Ju-87G



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Scott Van Aken

I decided to get together the bits needed for the Hasegawa 1/32 Ju-87G, which I've had since it was first released. I really only wanted a set of canopy masks, but as is often the case when looking for stuff for an older kit, the only thing I could find at the time, was this set from Montex.

Montex uses cut vinyl for its masks. For the canopy it provides both interior and exterior masks. This is because many of the frames you see are inside only and should not be painted from the outside. The kit's canopy is well done and using these masks should be fairly simple and a lot easier than using tape. They also provide wheel masks.

The other part of this is for the insignia and other markings. I have used Montex masks for a Japanese plane, but nothing quite a complex as some of these Luftwaffe insignia. The set does not come with instructions so I'll have to puzzle out the paint/mask sequence of things. The set does have full color placement markings but the colors are so dark that I really don't know which of the planes uses the 'T6' code prefix. It would be in Montex's best interest if they assumed that no one has ever used paint masks before and provide some sort of instructions on how to use them.

One thing about the dark painting guide is that you cannot tell where the demarcation lines are for the upper surface colors. In cases like this, a simple line drawing would be preferable. Fortunately, the kit instructions provide a decent painting guide that I'll be using on this.

November 2020

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