MMP Books Camouflage & Decals #4




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Scott Van Aken

NOTES: Both 1/48 and 1/72 markings

You may recall a while back I reviewed a book on Finnish Air Force Fighter colors. Typical of MMP books and Kari Stenman, it was full of superlative images and full color profiles. What they have done is produce another 'book' that is actually a decal set based on that series. This particular edition is from the second edition of the colors book.

Just like the book, this one has photos and color profiles of the aircraft featured in the sheet. In fact, it is just like they took pages out of it. This gives you what is basically a 16 page book with decals.  The main subjects of this one are the Hurricane, Hawk 75 and the Bf-109G. Featured are the Hurricanes HC-454 and HC-458, The Hawk 75A-2 CU-581, Bf-109G-2s MT-201 and MT-213 as well as Bf-109G-6 MT-435.

Most of these planes were flown by some of the top scoring aces of the Finnish AF and they cover from 1941 until the end of the war. Though six aircraft are featured, there are many other markings included in the sheet. For instance, there is another Hurricane, two more Hawk 75s and eleven more Bf-109Gs. The set includes two sheets with one being all insignia and the other the unique markings as well as one set of darkened insignia.

Both the decals and research are superlative and will result in some excellent models. Not only that, but the markings are all provided in both 1/48 and 1/72 scale so there should be plenty to offer the enthusiastic modeler.

You won't find any better than what is offered here.

March 2016


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