Mission Mark Decals mmd48-001: Mirage F.1CR/CT

Units: ER 2/33, CEAM


10.50 Euros


Scott Van Aken

It is always nice to see a new decal maker come on the market. This time it is Mission Mark Decals and their first sheet for the Mirage F.1 CT/CR. These schemes are all for planes that flew in various operations in the last ten years, including missions over Afghanistan, Libya, Mali and participated in NATO policing mission Air Baltic 2013.

The sheet contains three F.1 CT and nine F.1 CRs. There are two different camouflage schemes used. Both have Green and Grey upper surfaces with the majority having silver undersides. Some of them have a full wrap around scheme. The images at the top of the page show ten of these options. Two of them have markings on the centerline tank. One has a shark's mouth while the other has a tiger head on it. Also included are mission marking symbols for each specific aircraft.

As you can see the decal sheet itself is superbly printed by BOA of the Czech Republic. The sheet is sized for the Kitty Hawk kit, but I see no reason why one couldn't use the old Italeri/ESCI kit as well. You'll notice that the sheet includes the chaff/flare dispenser openings as well as a full data/stencil suite for one plane. There is also an addendum sheet included as the tiger head marking was initially too dark. There are enough insignia and data markings for one aircraft.

Instructions are superbly printed in full color and include a complete upper and lower fuselage markings guide as well as the usual profiles. Information on each aircraft is included that points out any specific differences in the airframes. In all, it makes for an excellent initial offering and a great sheet for those of you who are fond of the Mirage F.1.

May 2014

Thanks to Mission Mark Decals for the review sheet. You can find this and coming products on their website.

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