Luftwaffe im Focus M004: Bf-109G-6/AS

Units: 2./Erg JG 2


6.00 in Germany, 7.00 in Europe and 8.00 Worldwide


Scott Van Aken

A bit of a teaser and a most interesting sheet. This one covers a single aircraft in all three scales. The aircraft is question is a Bf109G-6/AS in overall gloss black with prop tips in white and a white spinner. Not very often does one run across soething quite like this and it will be a real challenge to paint this one and not make it look like a toy.

The sheet offers common markings and also a multi-piece swastika. All the other markings besides the main gear tire pressure stencils will have to come from aftermarket sources or the kit decals. As with other sheets, it is in German, but for most of us, that is not a hindrance. What will be interesting is producing the G-6/AS itself. There is no dedicated kit so some kit bashing will be necessary. Most of us will probably start with a G-10, though one needs to find a boxing that has the gently curved gun panel on the port side rather than the one that is 'boxed off' at the rear on that side.

Overall, a very interesting sheet that is sure to make into a most interesting model.

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