#1 from Luftwaffe im Focus #2

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€15.00 from Luftfahrtverlag-Start (€12.00 in Germany)


Scott Van Aken

Those of you who have been reading recent reviews, knows that the magazine Luftwaffe im Focus is a new publication that concentrates on previously unpublished and interesting images from various archives and individuals concerning the Luftwaffe from 1933-45. This marks the first decal sheet to be produced from LiF #2 and covers five different aircraft.

The decals themselves are very well printed and in perfect register. They also appear quite thin and though no printer is mentioned on the sheet, they look like Propagteam quality so you know they will work beautifully. There are no swastikas on the sheet so those will have to come from another source. The sheet has been darkened so you can see all the white markings.

The instruction sheet itself is a combination of color and black and white so I've only shown one of the schemes at the head of the page(#3 on the list). A super component of the instructions is that both left and right sides of the aircraft as well as top and bottom images are provided. A full stencil suite and placement guide is provided for the Bf-110C.  I should also mention that all instructions are provided in German only, but that is not a problem at all. Reference pages are also provided. There are five aircraft from the magazine and they are as follows:

The sheet is only available in 1/48 and only by direct mail from the printer. You can order your copy from the link below. Production is limited to 500 sheets so if you want one, you'd best hurry as my review sample was #111! Overall, an excellent sheet and one that just

Thanks to Luftfahrtverlag-Start for the review sheet. You can find this and other products on their website.

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