Leading Edge M 72002 F-18 Hornet Masking Set


Leading Edge M 72002 F-18 Hornet Masking Set




Scott Van Aken

Note: Full masking set with foam and card wheel well masks. For Hasegawa kits.

One of the most handy things to come down the pike are masking sets. These are particularly handy for those of us who generally don't do such a hot job of standard masking techniques.

This particular set is for the 1/72 Hasegawa F-18 family and is quite complete. providing masks for both the single and twin seat Hornet. You get  two sheets of standard mask, two sets of laser cut card masks for the wheel wells and a set of foam masks for the wheel wells and the intakes. The standard masks include wheel masks as well as masks for around the gear wells. This also includes things like the gun panels, nose radome, wing walk areas, exhaust sections just before the burner petals and the lower doppler nav radome. There are three different designs of wing walk area depending on which plane you are doing as the Marines and CAF often have different designs from the USN.

The instructions are most complete, noting which part of the masks should be aligned and attached first. The canopy portions have a thin outer edge mask that covers the gasket lines, and there is a larger section than then fills the rest of the framed area. For walkways, one applies the walkway section, positions the mask around it and then removes the walkway area, providing a cleanly masked area, ready to paint. Of course, my photo of the mask sheets is not very well done, so look at the diagram to the right to get a better idea of what is there.

Just to give you an idea how the foam and cardboard masks work, I have these shots of the nose well mask on a 1/72 Hasegawa F-18A. I found they both will do the job, though the cardboard one is a very tight fit and will be destroyed when removing it. Of course, the peel and stick masks are something most of you have used before.

This is a superb set and is one that I know you will find to be most helpful when doing your next Hasegawa 1/72 Hornet.

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support

June 2008

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