Leading Edge Decals 48.85 CF-5 Canada Wraparound Camouflage
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Scott Van Aken

Note: Also available in 1/72 scale

Leading Edge has been reissuing some of its older and out of production sheets. Several, like this one, have been updated with additional markings not supplied in the previous releases.

This sheet is 1/48 scale and in this scale there are two kits that have been released by Classic Airframes and another by Testors. There is supposed to be a new tool kit coming from Kinetic, but as of this writing, it has not yet appeared.

 There are markings for the CF-5A and the CF-5D when it was in the Green/Grey wraparound camouflage. While no FS 595 reference is given, There is a full list of available paints in the shades needed provided in the instructions.

The sheet instructions provide for eight different aircraft. There is an aircraft with no unit markings, followed by three from 419 Squadron; one with a full color tail band and the other two with the straight black band. One of these latter two has the black flag insignia while the other has it in red.

There is one option for a 433 squadron plane, followed by one from 434 Squadron.

New to this sheet are a pair of aggressor CF-5Ds from 419 squadron, both with the full color 419 Sq tail bands. One is yellow 14 and the other is red 16. These have full color roundels.

The sheet includes stencils and data markings for what appears to be two aircraft. There is also a selection of serial numbers to allow you to model other planes from these units if you so wish.

As usual, Leading Edge's outstanding instruction sheet provides unambiguous data placement so that you can have the most accurate CF-5 (OK, CF-116) around.

September 2012

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support. If you cannot find these at your local hobby shop, contact them direct at the link above.

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