Leading Edge 48.006: CF-101 Voodoo

Units: All of them, eh?


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Scott Van Aken


Obviously the CF-101 is a popular subject as this is the third printing of this set, the last time being 2001. Well, here it is and it is a good thing that there was a demand for it. This sheet allows the builder to pretty well do any CF-101 that was in Canadian service, thanks to the oodles of additional serial numbers that have been provided. In addition, there are unit badges from all the various squadrons, including those that are a bit different from each other with 416 Sq. A set of lightning cheatlines is provided  as are a full stencil suite, vent decals, and wing walk decals. In fact, this secondary sheet has been upgraded in the reissue with more numbers, a second set of walk area decals and a section of Voodoo Grey so you can match the paint now that Model Master has discontinued it from their paint line.

I imagine that the release of the Kitty Hawk kit may have been a good emphasis to reissue this one, but there is still the venerabble, but still nice Monogram kit (I guess that is Revell now).

Of course, there are many options and the most comprehensive instruction sheet provides any details you might need. For instance, those painted in Voodoo Grey or Aluminum Lacquer and even the one that was given a mop-applied three tone Green/Grey camouflage scheme using water based paint. There are even more unusual scheme given, including large red areas on the wings, all which are clearly shown in the several instruction sheets, so I won't give away all the goodies. Let's just say that once you get the sheet, you'll be looking for multiple kits and more sheets on which to use these different options. Leading Edge has gone to great lengths to be sure that this sheet will provide the finest model possible and it very much shows.

May 2019

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