Leading Edge Decals 72.87 CF-18 Combat Hornets
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Scott Van Aken

Note: Also available in 1/48 and 1/32

This is another superb set from our friends at Leading Edge Decals. This one is denoted as Combat Hornets and covers what looks to be 20 specific aircraft. Typical of Leading Edge, there are a ton of additional markings to allow you to duplicate just about any Hornet. There are enough common markings to do two aircraft with sufficient differences in some of the common markings to where you can get it all right.

No kit is specified, but in 1/72 scale there are quite a few nice ones out there from Hasegawa, Hobby Boss, and others.

In a nutshell, this set contains markings that cover all of the major conflicts that the Canadian Hornet has been involved in. There are three major sections. One is Desert Storm in 1991 and six specific sets of markings are provided for that. Next is Operation Allied Force in the Balkans during 1999. Four aircraft are in that section. Then there is Operation Mobile in Libya during 2011 and five aircraft are included.

There are other markings for Soviet/Russian aircraft intereptions and you are provided with three markings options for that. Finally a single option for the William Tell competition is also included.

All of this is accompanies by a very complete set of instructions that include not only placement data, but also photographs of the aircraft involved, in full color, to help you get things just right. That comes to six pages of information. There is also information on the various differences in markings as well as what has been included in the latest avionics upgrade that was done fleet wide.

Regardless of what kit or scale you choose, this is one killer decal set and will make for a real crowd-pleaser.

May 2020

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