Leading Edge 48.65: Skylancers Sabres


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Scott Van Aken


 Canada has had an aerobatic display team for most of the last 50 or so years. For the last several decades, the Snowbirds have been flying CT-114 trainers and putting on spectacular performances for appreciative crowds. Back in the 1950s, it was the F-86 Sabre that was the chosen aircraft and one of those teams, who operated for only a short time was the Skylancers.

This particular sheet provides markings for all the planes that flew during the 1955 and the aborted 1956 season. During practice for the '56 year, four of the aircraft crashed and the public never saw the planes perform. Now, thanks to Leading Edge, you can do these aircraft and add them to your collection.

The set includes enough markings to do both a 1955 season plane and a 1956 season aircraft. The '56 planes had  a lot more color on the flying surfaces and Leading Edge provides the option to paint on these colors if you so choose, or use the ready to go decals. Full serial number information is provided so you can do any of the aircraft. The 1955 planes also carried code letters/numbers and these are provided as well. Leading Edge has also provided the white parts of the later scallops separately in case you'd rather paint the red bits.

Your best bet for a kit is an F-86F-30 with the early 6-3 hard wing (no slats) and several companies make these kits. As these aircraft were Sabre Mk.5, I'm not sure if they had the sugar scoop intakes on the lower fuselage behind the wings. The drawings in the instructions don't show them. This means that you can use kits from Hasegawa, Academy or Monogram for this purpose.

Typical of Leading Edge, the instruction sheets are first class providing not only detailed placement information, but other tidbits of data that help the modeler to make the best presentation possible. For instance, the Skylancers graphics were applied over extant stencils. As always, a superbly printed sheet that is a delight to use.

December 2019

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