KommanDeur Decals are relatively new on the scene and offer just a few sheets of late-war Luftwaffe aircraft. Produced in limited numbers of 1000 or less, they are beautifully done and come with a super color placement guide. This sheet is one of three produced on the subject.

Included on the back side (not shown) is a listing of references as well as top and bottom painting guide. The sheets are quite similar to those provided by Eagle Cals so I would assume some sort of collaboration between the two.

The sheet states that "final authority on configuration and paint scheme for any depicted aircraft resides with the original photograph and the modeler's opinion." I couldn't have said it better myself.  Considering the lack of quality photos of most of these subjects and the difficulty of interpreting colors from a grainy black and white print, it is extremely difficult to be precise on camouflage matters.  

The sheet is complete with all major markings for four aircraft: Blue 2, a D-9 from IV/JG3; Black Double Chevron, a D-9 from JG-6(?); Black 10 another D-9 from III/JG26; and White Chevron 61,a D-11(unit unknown). There is enough stencilling for one aircraft and unfortunately, no guide is given.  Instead, it states to use known photos or the instructions for Almark sheet 48-6. Thanks! being able to tell what the plane is from known photos is difficult enough, so I doubt they will be any  real use. Heaven only knows if Almark sheet 48-6 is still available as few shops around here carry them.

Having said all that, they look superb and will definitely be used on an upcoming FW-190D that should be complete by next edition. By the way, I was unable to find any of the FW-190D sheets in shops as they were sold out, so ordered this one direct from KommanDeur.  Unfortunately the production run is ended so I had to but an overrun, which is not serialized.  Cost was $11.00 a sheet.