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Scott Van Aken

This is the latest 1/48 sheet from Kits at War/Dutch Decals. It covers the deHavilland Mosquito and provides markings for 11 aircraft. In order to fit all this on one sheet, there are no RAF markings provided. Those will have to come from the kit and in this case the Tamiya version is the one most recommended. I see no reason why the Airfix kit wouldn't work and if you can get past the too short fin on the Monogram version, that would be another option. To do several of these, conversion bits will be needed, and those are listed in the instructions.

Other things like invasion stripes will need to be painted on as well. The aircraft are all in the standard scheme of the area in which they operated and the appropriate time frame. The RAF and RAAF were pretty well standardized in terms of official schemes by the time the Mossie entered service so there are no non-standard schemes involved.

So from the top:

1. B.XXV of 162 Sq at Bourne in 1944
2. FB XVIII 'Tse-Tse' of 248 Squadron at North Coates in 1945
3. FB.VI of 404 Sq Banff 1945
4. Another FB.VII of 235 Sq, Banff 1945
5. W*3 is also from Banff in 1945 and this FB.VI was attached to 235 sq as well
6. An RP.VI of Coastal Strike Training Unit, also at Banff in 1944
7. An NF.XV of 85 Sq in 1943
8. This one is an RAAF B.IV 'Highball' aircraft with 618 Sq in 1945
9. A B.IV with 627 Sq at Woodhall in 1944
10.This B.IX was with 105 Sq at Bourne in 1944
11.Finally, a B.XVI with 692 Sq at Gravely in 1944

The sheet is superbly printed by Decalprint and is a limited release so you need to grab it while the getting is good.

Thanks to for the review sheet. You can get yours at your favorite shop.

October 2008

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