Isradecal #82: Worldwide E-2C Hawkeye
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Scott Van Aken

Note: This sheet is 1/48 scale for the Kinetic kit.

This is, to my experience, the first 1/48 sheet for the new Kinetic Hawkeye. Isradecal has wisely offered a number of different options on this one for aircraft from a number of countries. In addition to the unique markings on the main sheet, there is a secondary sheet that has stencils on it. It appears that there are enough stencils to do one aircraft. Of course, the kit provided versions can be used for any additional aircraft one may want to do.

The instruction booklet is 8 pages of information and photograph of an Israeli E-2 with the additional IFR proble installed, something that I believe is unique to Israeli aircraft.  The rest of the aircraft are in profile with salient markings locations clearly shown. Quite a bit of the booklet is dedicated to attaching the considerable number of data markings. There is also a note that the kit engine panel lines and intakes are not correct and the drawings can be used to improve that situation if one desires.

For aircraft, one can do any of the four Israeli versions, two Japanese planes, including the specially marked '100,000 flight hours' version, three Mexican Naval versions, two Singapore aircraft, five Egyptian planes and two Taiwanese aircraft.

The decals themselves are superbly printed in the Czech Republic and are completely free of any registration glitches. I do hope that Isradecal repeats this in 1/72.

You now have world class decals and world class references; what more could you ask?

January 2010

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