Elite Decals 72006: Zodiacs part 1

Units: 834 BS




Scott Van Aken

Isradecals has started a new line called Elite Decals. These cover non-Israeli subjects and while I've not been given the opportunity to review the earlier sheets, this one shows that the decals are of very high quality. The main part of the sheet is printed by Microscale, while the separate nose art markings are superbly done.

The nose art markings are done on a single carrier so one must cut them out prior to application. They are quite thin and semi-transparent so an additional white backing is provided for each scheme. A duplicate is provided in case one is needed.

On this 1/72 sheet are markings for two 'Zodiac' B-24Hs. The kit for these is the Academy kit and while it is not really a B-24H, but a B-24J, the differences are relatively minor. The modeler will have to research this as the instructions provide no background information at all, just the decal placement guide.

The two B-24s on the sheet are 'Libra' and 'Gemini'. Elite provides sufficient markings to enable the modeler to do both of the aircraft shown on the sheet

December 2005

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