Isradecal #72: IAF Mosquito
Units: All of them in the IAF


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Scott Van Aken

Note: This sheet is 1/48 scale

Not many know that the IAF operated deHavilland's wooden wonder, the Mosquito. Most of these were apparently purchased from the French and so a number of different variants entered service. While they were mostly liked by the pilots, the maintenance people regarded them as a headache. Some of these had been rehabbed, but most were not and after years of previous service, well, you can just imagine.

This particular sheet from Isradecal has markings enough to be able to build at least two of any of these aircraft. It seems from looking at the instructions that IAF Mosquitos did not have upper wing insignia so you have quite a few to choose from. As for the different variants, you can go a T.3, NF.30, FB.6, TR.33 and PR.16. There are also a variety of camo schemes, though most of these planes were operated in aluminum lacquer overall. Isracast even provides the black exhaust sections many planes had painted on to cover up the stains. The full color 8 page instruction booklet shows the precise placement of all the markings and includes a stencil placement diagram.

For kits, one will probably use the currently available Tamiya kits, but if one has the old Monogram or Airfix kit, those shouldn't be overlooked.  In all, an excellent sheet and one that you should seriously consider for your next project.

December 2008.

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