Isradecal #31 & #32: Mystere IV

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Scott Van Aken

Keeping things in the realm of mysteries, here is the second of the new sheets from Isradecal, and this time it covers the Mystere IV. This aircraft was with the IAF from 1956 until 1972 when it was withdrawn from service, having been operated by three operational squadrons; First Fighter, Valley, and Flying Wing squadrons. Israeli squadrons are generally known by their names and not by a number, as is so prevalent in the US. Like the Super Mystere, these planes were operated in three different sets of colors. First was the bare metal delivery scheme, followed by the brown/blue camouflage and finally by the brown/tan/green camouflage scheme. Those initial delivery aircraft took part in the Suez Crisis of 1956.

Like other IsraDecal sheets, this one offers markings that will enable the modeler to do any Mystere IV that they can find a photograph of. Stencils are provided in French and Hebrew, though there really are not many of them at all. As with nearly all IsraDecal sheets, this one is offered in more than one scale; in this case both 1/72 and 1/48. Kits that are available are from Matchbox/Revell in 1/72 and from Hi-Tech in 1/48. Neither of them are totally up to modern injection molded standards. The Matchbox kit being a relatively simple kit, while the Hi-Tech kit is a French short run kit that will require skill to properly complete. However, both are buildable and this sheet goes a long way to helping to replace the rather dodgy kit decals.

As with all more recent IsraDecal sheets, this one comes complete with a superb instruction booklet. In addition to just your standard decal placement guide, there are photos of the actual aircraft to assist in any unusual markings. I personally like this format as it is the best of all things. The only difference in the decal sheets between the two scales is size. Again, you can build any Mystere IV and are not limited to just what is shown in the booklet. If you have a photo of a favorite, then this sheet will allow that one to be modeled. An outstanding sheet and one that is sorely needed.

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