Iliad Designs 72018: Air National Guard C-47s

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Scott Van Aken

This next sheet from Iliad Designs covers a quartet of US ANG C-47s. The Air National Guard in the late 1940s and early 1950s was not required to standardize their markings with the USAF. This resulted in some rather neat fuselage markings from some of the units. These were particularly visible on large aircraft such as the C-47. Every unit had at least one of these planes to haul parts and people, especially when the unit went to a weapons camp or deployed somewhere else.

All of the aircraft on this sheet start with a baseline of overall unpainted metal with black nose anti-glare panels. It wasn't until later that the upper fuselage was painted white. This option has the very short carb intake.

The first option on this sheet is one of those latter planes and from the Puerto Rico ANG and carries post 1961 ANG markings.

Next is one from the Virginia ANG. This one has a large black area under the rear of the fuselage.

The third option is from the Nebraska ANG. Like the previous and next option, this plane dates from 1947-48.

Finally, a nice one from the New Mexico Air National Guard. This plane has the longer carb intake with the dust filter. None of these planes have de-icer boots, which should help with painting.

None of these markings are kit specific so you can use whichever one you wish. I would think that all of these would have the later paddle-blade props. You will have to paint on the wing walkways. There are enough insignia for at least one plane (two if you do both of the 1947-48 options). You also have the red prop warning stripe and fuselage cheat line for the PRANG plane.

This is a very nice addition to their catalogue and one that I'd think would sell quickly.

May 2017

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