Iliad Designs 48032: Schlacht Bf-109Es

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Scott Van Aken

While there are a ton of decal sheets for 109E aces, little has been done other than 'filler' when it comes to the fighter bombers. These planes were developed during the later part of the BoB as it was realized that they were perfect for 'hit and run' raids. When Messerschmitt designed the E-7 to use a rack for a fuel tank, it was decided to add a bomb capability as well. This was backdated to earlier variants, mostly the E-4 and these were designated E-4Bs. Other versions also had this feature installed so having an E-1B or E-3B was not unheard of. In fact, it is often difficult to tell the difference between an E-3B or E-4B as the latter canopy was also retrofit to earlier planes.

This nice sheet from Iliad Designs covers six E-4B/E-7 versions. Most are in RLM 74/75/76 with varying degrees of mottling. They also have yellow bits on various parts of the airframe, depending on the theater of operation.

First up is a II./SG 1 plane from the Eastern Front in 1942 with the usual yellow markings on cowling and fuselage, though there are no yellow underwing bits.

Second is our desert plae from 7./ZG 1 in August 1942. It has the white Med theater markings. While this is the only E-7 on the sheet, notice that it does not have a pointed spinner

Third, from II.(Sch)/LG.2 is one also from Russia in the summer of 1941. Yellow rudder in addition to early eastern front markings.

With the yellow fuselage band rather far forward and no yellow on the nose is this II./LG 2 plane, again from Russia in 1941.

Fifth is from 6.(Sch)/LG 2 in France during 1942.

Finally, a 5.(Sch)/LG 2 plane from Russia in 1941. This one does have the yellow lower wing tips.

There is no recommended kit, but really, these markings will fit any 1/48 Bf-109E-4/7 that has the ability to carry bombs. You are also provided with enough insigia to do all six options. Data markings will come from your kit of choice.

A very nice sheet for some of the forgotten units of WWII.

December 2017

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