Iliad Designs 48020: Starfighters in Combat

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Scott Van Aken

One can always count on something interesting from Iliad Designs and this sheet is no exception. It covers the combat use of the F-104 world wide with seven different options. Some of these are camouflaged and some are left in their original unpainted state. Even unpainted planes did have white wings so keep that in mind.

We start off with an ex-Jordanian AF F-104A supplied to Pakistan during their 1971 war with India. This aircraft is fairly devoid of serials and aside from the insignia, only carried the letter D on the upper fin.

Next is a Taiwanese F-104G. These planes were painted in overall ADC grey aside from the hot section. This aircraft has a MiG-19 victory from January 1967.

Two USAF F-104As from the 8th TFW based in Thailand are next. These were used for escort and ground attack duties and both aircraft carry names on the right side of the nose. Standard SEA Camouflage scheme and the addition of RHAW antennas.

The next USAF plane in unpainted metal was shot down by the Chinese in Sept 1965, the pilot being a POW until 1973.

The second Pakistani aircraft is an F-104A from the 1971 war that is credited with shooting down an Alize patrol plane.

Finally a Turkish F-104G during the 1974 Turkey/Greek war over Cyprus. This has the unenviable reputation of having sunk a Turkish destroyer during a mistaken attack on its convoy. I'm sure the pilot heard about this afterwards.

For kits, most builders will choose the Hasegawa kit, though there are G kits from Kinetic, Monogram/Revell and Italeri/ESCI which could be used as well. Instructions provide detail images and full upper plan views for doing the camo schemes. The decals themselves are superbly printed and experience shows them to be very opaque. Well worth picking up.

January 2020

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