Iliad Designs 48005: MiG-19/J-6

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Scott Van Aken

Every once in a while, a popular decal sheet gets reprinted. So is the case with this one from Iliad Design. In fact, they took the opportunity to rearrange things a bit and add new stuff. Now there are seven options on this sheet. No kit is specified, but there have been several over the years with the most recent being the Trumpeter version in this scale.

First up is a standard Shenyang F-6 of 26 squadron of the Pakistani Air Force. It is in 36118/36270 uppers with 36375 undersides.

Next is an Egyptian J-6 from 1982. It is FS 36375 and 35550 so you'll probably have to mix the latter shade.

A very colorful Pakistani J-6 is next in markings for a retirement ceremony for the type. It carries both Pakistani and Chinese colors and is actually quite colorful. This aircraft has Sidewinder rails outboard of the wing tanks.

Our Soviet option is a display MiG-19 from the late 1950/early 1960s with a lot of red over light blue-grey undersides.

Next is an Albanian J-6 in overall aluminum lacquer. Note that this and some other options do not have the parabrake housing at the base of the fin.

A North Vietnamese plane is next in natural metal with large areas of dark green which is around 14079. This plane was with the 924th Fighter Regiment in 1972.

Finally a Chinese J-6 in unpainted metal undersides with the upper surfaces in light blue and dark bluish green.

Instructions are very well done and provide full upper surface schemes for all the options. 

March 2019

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