Hi Decal 72-017: MiG-23BN

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet is dated 1993, before Italeri and Bilek came out with their more modern MiG-23 kits in this scale. As such, the sheet tells you how to combine a Hasegawa MiG-23 and MiG-27 to get a more accurate MiG-23BN. Since most of us have the proper BN variant kit, we can ignore those tips.

There are five markings options on this sheet as well as a goodly number of stencils. HiDecal does provide a full stencil placement guide. All of the aircraft are camouflaged in some form or another and their grey shades instructions provide both sides and the upper surface scheme. Color information is Humbrol and Model Master. Note that the Model Master enamel line referenced is but a ghost of its former self due to cut-backs and the soon unavailability of the product line outside the US. Fortunately, there are other companies such as AKAN that have stepped in with a full line of Soviet/Russian colors.

The options are as follows:

A Soviet one based in Germany during 1991.

A HAL built aircraft based at Hindustan AB in 1991.

An Iraqi planes at Al Basrah West in 1990. Note that this plane has an in-flight refueling probe.

An East German offering from 1989.

Finally, a Czech plane from 1992.

The decals are very nicely printed and appear to be opaque. Well worth picking up if you are interested in the subject. I robbed a couple of insignia from this sheet for a recent project and they are still quite viable.

January 2020

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Thanks to me for getting this one.

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