Mike Grant Decals 48046 B-24H/J Liberator

Units: 22 & 467 BG


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Scott Van Aken

New from Mike Grant Decals is this super sheet covering a pair of B-24s. Both of these are using the Monogram kit as there isn't any other option in this scale. The Monogram kit is a B-24J, so to do the B-24H, you'll be seeking out the Cutting Edge conversion set (CE 48444) for this Ford-built aircraft.

The first aircraft shown is B-24J 'Red Raiders' of the 408th BS/22nd BG based in Australia. This aircraft was in unpainted metal with a broad white stripe across the rudder. It is easier to paint this stripe and the sheet provides the black boarders for it.

The second is the B-24H 'Witchcraft', from the 790 BS/467 BG based at Rackheath, England. It is in OD over Neutral Grey. The engine cowling fronts are red  and so is the outer fin. The fin has a broad white stripe as a unit marking. You'll notice that the left outboard engine has a bare metal cowling front as there are several replacement cowl flaps that are also unpainted.

Instructions give full painting information and optional markings. There are insignia and common data markings to enable you to build one aircraft from this sheet.

Mike Grant Decals can be purchased via his web site at the link below. Shipping is free in North America.

July 2006

Review copy courtesy of Mike Grant Decals. Thanks for your support.

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