Furball Aero-Design 48-034: 1/48 F-4 Intakes (SEA camouflage)



Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For the Academy kit

Furball Aero-Design has provided what has to be a unique item. These are decals to fit into the intakes of the F-4 Phantom II. Now I have to confess that I've been one of those who has not paid any attention to the color of the intakes of what is my favorite aircraft. I have always assumed that the intakes have been white from the intake lip on back. Apparently that is not the case so I've built dozens of F-4s that are wrong!

This sheet is designed for the Academy kit and while it may work on other models, there is no guarantee. The set is for both standard SEA camouflage and the SEA wraparound camo. It includes both tan and green decals for the left and right intakes. These come in different sizes and that is to simulate the different depths of paint as apparently sometimes the intakes are painted deeper than at other times. This means that you could do three planes, each with intake paint at different depths.

The decals themselves are very nicely done by Cartograf and will make for an easy way to take care of a tedious task. Note that these scanned a bit dark so that really is dark green and not black!

December 2014

Review sheet courtesy of http://furballaero-design.com. You can get yours now at this link.

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