Furball Decals FDS48-04: Colorful Grey and White Cougars Part 1




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Scott Van Aken


Ten options

We now move to the light gull grey and white scheme for Furball Aero-Design's next Cougar sheet. This is apparently the first of at least two so you can expect more. This set includes markings for the F9F-8P since that option is included in the Kitty Hawk kit. All of these planes have the intake splitter plate and have corroguard leading edges to the flight surfaces. They also all have nose refueling probes.

First up is a VA-26 aircraft from the USS Kearsage in 1956. Note that this aircraft and a few others have colored wing tips that will need to be painted.

Next is a VA-36 plane with yellow trim. This one was aboard the USS FDR in 1958. This option also has stripes around the refueling probe. This is provided as a decal for this and a few other options.

From VA-46 is the tartan-tailed Cougar when aboard the USS Randoph in 1957.

With the AN tail code and blue trim is a VA-76 Cougar. This was aboard the USS Intrepid in 1958.

Also aboard the USS Intrepid during that time was a VF-81 plane in yellow trim with an AM tail code.

Based at NAS El Centro in 1956 was a VF-123 aircraft with blue trim. I have to assume this was also a Cougar training unit.

VF-144 was with the USS Hornet in 1957.

The first of our photo Cougars is a VMCJ-2 plane with international orange trim, aboard the USS Saratoga in 1957. This scheme appears to be based on a preserved plane in Arizona and I wonder if perhaps it might be daglo vice international orange. I'd love to see a period color photo.

VFP-61 is represented by an aircraft from the USS Lexington in 1957.

Finally, a rather plain VFP-62 plane from 1958.

There is a brief description that accompanies each option which provides some additional info. Included in the set is a set of instructions on making your Cougar more accurate as Kitty Hawk made a few errors. All are very easily handles. Note also that none of these planes had the splitter plate so leave that off your build. There are data and insignia decals for two planes.  You also find a complete stencil placement guide. Overall, this Cartograf printed sheet is an excellent choice of markings and one you should seriously consider picking up.

July 2015

Review sheet courtesy of http://furballaero-design.com. You can get yours now at this link.

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