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Though bemoaning the loss of their beloved Tomcat, fans have to realize that time moves on and older weapons systems just become too expensive to continue using. It used to be that a previous generation aircraft was replaced by one that was more capable, but that is not really the case anymore. The F-18F is not the 'fleet interceptor only' plane that was the F-14, but more of the multi-role fighter that the Phantom was.

One of the more popular units is the Jolly Rogers, a squadron that has been around since WWII and has frequently changed squadrons. Initially it was VF-17, then changed to VF-5B, and then VF-61 before it moved over to VF-84 in 1959 when it started flying the F-8. From there it went to the F-4 and the F-14 until that unit was disestablished in 1995. At that time, it moved to another Tomcat unit, VF-103 where it has remained and now flying super bugs. Throughout this time, the unit's call sign has been 'victory' hence the title of this Furball Aero-Designs sheet.

The sheet has markings for eight aircraft covering a five year time span from 2012 to 2017. This sheet is basically for CO and CAG birds though a line bird has been included as well. There are sufficient markings for two planes.

Here is what's on the sheet: 

VFA-103 F/A-18F 166620 (AG 200) 2012 CAG

VFA-103 F/A-18F 166620 (AG 200) 2013 70th Anniversary CAG

VFA-103 F/A-18F 166621 (AG 201) 2016 CO Operation Inherent Resolve

VFA-103 F/A-18F 166620 (AG 200) 2016 CAG Operation Inherent Resolve

VFA-103 F/A-18F 166620 (AG 200) 2016 CAG “Christmas Bones”

VFA-103 F/A-18F 168493 (AG 200) 2017 75th Anniversary CAG

VFA-103 F/A-18F 166613 (AG 203) 2016 Line Jet Operation Inherent Resolve

VFA-103 F/A-18F 168889 (AG 201) 2017 CO

Most modelers will choose the Hasegawa kit, which is actually nicely done, but will need a few upgrade pieces to conform to current standards. Visit the link below to see full color profiles. Decals are printed by Cartograf and are just superbly done.

March 2018

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