Furball Decals FD 48011: Bravo MiG Killers part 1




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Scott Van Aken


Designed for the Academy kit

I have always said you cannot have enough Phantom decals and here is another superb sheet. This one covers MiG killers from the Vietnam War. There are 14 different options, some of them differing only by serial number if the unit involved was successful. All of these aircraft are in matte light gull grey and gloss white. The sheet is designed for the Academy kit, but there is no reason they should not fit on other appropriate Phantom kits. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf.

There are four options from VF-51. These are in the 'screaming canopener' scheme with one being a CAG bird. VF-96 has one option, this being in their later scheme. Next a single option from VF -114, followed by three of them from VF-143. This provides two different unit marking schemes. Finally, five options from VF-161; one early and four later schemes.

Interestingly, few of these planes actually carried kill markings. There are sufficient common markings to do two aircraft. A full stencil markings placement guide is offered and you get a bit of history on each one of the subjects on the sheet.

This should be a very popular sheet, especially with some very nice kit options out there for the enthusiast.

February 2017

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