Furball Decals FD&S 48017: USAF F-102s




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Scott Van Aken


Designed for the Monogram kit

The F-102 is a fairly popular subject with 1/48 modelers, probably due to the large fin that is perfect for the colorful markings applied during most of its active life. This particular sheet concentrates on regular USAF units.  Eight options are provided and since the only 1/48 kit of the F-102A is by Monogram (also found in Revell and ProModeler boxes), that is what you'll need to use.

Here is what is on the sheet:

460th FIS, F-102A 57-0907, Portland IAP, 1962. (Squadron CO jet with black and yellow command stripes and large tiger squadron logo on the tail)

4th FIS, F-102A 56-0960, Misawa AB, Japan, 1961. (Squadron CO jet with red and black command stripes, red and black checker tail markings, “Red Tailed Rascal” on the tail

40th FIS, F-102A 55-3392, YOKOTA AB, Japan, 1962 (large devil insignia on tail with “Road Runner II Beep Beep” titling on the right side of the nose

431st FIS, F-102A 56-1006, Zaragoza AB, Spain, 1962. (Squadron CO jet with red and white command stripes)

32nd FIS, F-102A 56-1032, Soesterberg AB, The Netherlands, 1966. (Squadron CO jet with red, white, and blue command stripes and William Tell gunnery meet markings

525th FIS, F-102A 56-1130, Bitburg AB, Germany, 1961. Blue & white tail flashes with Bull Dog squadron insignia

317th FIS, F-102A 56-1272, Elmendorf AFB, 1963. High visibility scheme with orange wings and tail. Special William Tell markings on the nose.

509th FIS, F-102A 56-1436, Republic of Vietnam, 1969. South East Asia paint scheme with black and yellow squadron CO command stripes.

The sheet provides sufficient markings to do two planes as one gets a fairly extensive insignia and stencil sheet. The instructions also provide a full stencil placement guide and four view camouflage schemes where needed. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf.

Considering how fast the first printing sold out, you may want to snag this one soon.

August 2019

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