FCM Decals # 72028: C-47 Skytrain
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Scott Van Aken

This next new sheet from FCM is for the C-47 Skytrain in 1/72 scale. The C-47 is probably the most used aircraft in the world as I can think of very few countries that have not had at least one in their military at some time or another. Thanks to the rugged construction of the aircraft, the airframe has pretty much no time expiration as long as it is kept in good condition and corrosion is treated as soon as it is found. Even 80 years after the first flight of the DC-1, there are still many in operation hauling cargo and passengers.

Typical of what FCM has been doing recently, this one contains the expected Brazilian options as well as an option for another air force, in this time a WWII version.

The first two options are the Brazilian ones both of them in the same color scheme of aluminum with white fins and upper fuselage. These have large green and yellow rudder stripes that will need to be painted. These are operated by two different units with the upper scheme being from 4 ETA "Caraja" and the second one being with 5 ETA "Pegaso", both from the 1972 time frame.  Note that these planes both have dual ADF antennas on the upper fuselage. The fuselage cheat line and nose anti-glare panel are provided as decals for these options.

The other is a USAAF C-47, "Kilroy was here", with the 92 TCS/439 TCG flying during the Normandy invasion in 1944. It is in standard olive drab over neutral grey. The invasion stripes will also need to be painted on the fuselage as well as upper and lower wings.

There are three kits that have been done in 1/72 for the C-47. The Airfix and the Italeri kits should be readily available. ESCI also did a nice C-47 but since Italeri owns the ESCI molds, I doubt if that will ever be reissued, though it can be found from the usual place one finds 'used' kits.

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Microscale so you know the quality is good. There are enough common markings to do two of the subjects from the look of things. The full color instructions give not only profiles but upper and lower views as well so one can get the colors and markings just right. No specific paint company info is provided and all colors provided are generic.

It all makes for a very nicely done sheet that you should seriously consider for your next C-47 build.

Thanks to FCM for providing the review sheet. Visit them at the link for information on retailers carrying their sheets.

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