FCM 32-05: F-5E Tiger II

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Scott Van Aken

A few years back, FCM did a really large sheet of 1/32 F-5Es from various countries. Apparently it sold very well and this time the next sheet in this scale is for two aircraft.

The sheet includes some vinyl masks for doing one of the options. These masks are quite well done and in concert with the decals, will take care of any problems doing low viz markings where there are two camouflage colors crossing into the marking. There are full instructions on how to apply these masks and while it may look complex, it really is quite simple. Once you do one you'll have no trouble at all with the others. I've included an image of the masks, but as feared, it looks like a grey sheet.

OK, so now on to what is in the sheet. The top aircraft is an F-5EM from 1/14 G.AV 'Papas' at Canoas-RS/Brazil in 2006. This aircraft has a green/grey camouflage scheme. It does not appear to have the extended fin fillet.

The other option is a rather standard F-5E that does have the fin fillet. This is from 1/1/ Gruppo de Caca at Base Aerea de Sta.Cruz in 1986. This one is painted in an SEA looking scheme. Like the previous aircraft, it has an air to air refuelling probe on the left side.

The suggested kit is by Hasegawa. This kit has also be reboxed by Revell in the last few years and by Minicraft back in the mid 80s (the Minicraft boxing would not be a shark nose kit). I'm not sure if these are the 'shark nose' versions or not, but I'm sure someone knowledgeable in the F-5E will be able to let me know on this.

The decals themselves are very well printed. No registration problems at all and the full color insignia are in sections to help alleviate that situation. A truly superb sheet for your next big scale F-5E project.

June 2010

Thanks to FCM for providing the review decals.

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