FCM 72047: Gloster Meteor (Brazil)

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Scott Van Aken


The first modern jet fighter flown by the Brazilian Air Force was the Gloster Meteor. The planes were a welcome addition and served for a considerable number of years before being retired. This sheet provides markings for ten aircraft and includes a pair of T.7 trainers (not shown) in addition to the F.8. while no kit is recommended, in 1/72 scale you have basically two choices for kits. One is from Xtrakit and the other is from Special Hobby/MPM. You will find the latter reboxed by Revell for some variants. There is also the Matchbox NF kits with conversion parts, but those conversion bits are probably difficult to locate.

The majority of these aircraft are in an overall silver. This is silver lacquer paint called high speed silver. One option is when the planes were nearing the end of their operational career and is painted in a South East Asia scheme using the same colors as used on USAF combat planes at the time.

With the blue trim is a 1/1 G.AvC plane from 1965. The nose and engine flashes are provided in the masking set that is included so you can do any of these rather fancy schemes without having to worry about how to mask them.

In red we have a 2/1 G.AvC plane from 1965.  

Third is a 1/14 G.Av plane with red and yellow trim from 1966.

The fourth option is the SEA camouflaged plane from 1973 and was with 1/1 G.AvC.

Fifth option is a bit more sedate with just a yellow/light blue tail band. This is from 1/1 G.AvC from 1957.

To go along with the above is a 2/1 G.AvC plane also from 1957.

From 1/14 G.Av is a green trimmed plane from 1957.

In yellow and red, option 8 is also from 1/14 G.Av but this time from 1963.

The two T.7 aircraft are from 1/1 G.AvC in 1960 and from 2/1 G.AvC in 1963.

The decals are superbly printed by Microscale and FCM's instruction sheet provides full markings and color information. You are provided enough insignia for two planes and stencils for one. Add to that the set of masks and this is a most complete set.

July 2019

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