FCM 48055: EMB-312 Tucano

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A real success story for Brazil's Embraer has been the Tucano and later Super Tucano. Built as a turboprop trainer, it has been exported to a number of nations, many of them in South America. It has also been license built by Shorts in the UK for the RAF, though that aircraft was produced with a different engine from the Embraer version. One of the real benefits of this aircraft is that it can be produced as a light attack with hardpoints provided for a number of weapons. Its main competitor in the market is Pilatus with their PC-9.

FCM's new sheet provides markings for a number of Tucanos. You have the option of a variety of camouflage schemes with this sheet, including the most recent markings for the Air Force display team.

The sheet has eleven markings options. Four of these are for the Esquadriha da Fumaca with a pair from the 2006 season and a pair from the 2012 season. These planes are basically a dark blue and yellow with the yellow parts outlined in white. It is a somewhat complex scheme, but you are provided full upper and lower views to help you out. The sheet also includes the fuselage band in its entirety and the white outline stripes.

The white and red option shown is from the air academy in 2006.

During the 1995-2001 time frame, most Tucanos were painted in an SEA inspired camouflage scheme.During this time, the Brazilian Air Force adopted tail codes for the various bases. You get one option without and two with these codes. Note that not shown is a small addendum sheet that has some of these codes on it.

In 2001, the scheme changed to one that is a mid bluish grey (FS 35190)over a light bluish grey (FS 35526). To my knowledge there are no ready mix paints for this scheme so you'll need to either mix something or use what is close.

The decals are fitted for the Hobby Boss kit and are superbly printed by Microscale.  There are three different sets of data markings depending on which scheme you choose. A chart is provided. This means you could build three planes with this sheet. A most welcome sheet for the fan and well worth picking up.  There are a number of places that sell FCM decals, so check the web for your nearest dealer.

January 2020

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