FCM 48054: Gloster Meteor

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Scott Van Aken

This very nice sheet provides markings for seven different Gloster Meteor F.8 aircraft. In 1/48 scale you have basically two choices for kits. One is the old short run Classic Airframes kit and the other is the fairly recent Airfix version. Most if not all will go the Airfix route as it is easier to find. There are a total of seven different options, most of them RAF.

The majority of these aircraft are in two different schemes. One is an overall silver. This is silver lacquer paint called high speed silver. The other common scheme is dark sea grey/dark green over the high speed silver. There is a third scheme on one plane and I'll cover that when I get to it.

Scheme one is for a blue tailed plane from 500 Squadron in 1956. This is an Auxiliary squadron and probably the last year these units existed.

#2 is another RAuxAF plane, this time from 615 squadron in 1953. It has a white fin.

Next up is one from 153 squadron in 1956

The first of two Israeli planes is this grey-blue/olive green over silk blue plane from 117 squadron in 1958.

Back with the RAF is another RAuxAF plane, this one from 609 squadron in 1956.

Option six is yet another RAuxAF Meteor, this one from 616 squadron in 1955. It is nice that this set includes these planes as they have been overlooked by other decal makers.

Finally, the second Israeli plane. This is also from 117 squadron in 1956. This plane has black bands on the fuselage and wings which will need to be painted.

The decals are superbly printed by Microscale and FCM's instruction sheet provides full markings and color information. You are provided enough insignia for both Israeli options and one RAF. You can use kit decals for the stencils and additional RAF builds if you so wish.

July 2019

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