FCM 48050: Lynx/Super Lynx

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Scott Van Aken

For some of us, the Lynx helo is one of the nicest looking designs around. Developed for both shipboard use and as a medium transport, the aircraft has been developed considerably over the years. Of course, the addition of various systems has done nothing for its initially sleek looks, but such is the fate of long serving aircraft.

This particular sheet covers seven examples in various monochrome shades with a lone exception. In 1/72 scale, the recommended kit is by Airfix, however, Hobby Boss has also done a few so that could be another option for you.

So here is what is provided in numeric order (which starts on the right hand column).

A Brazilian Navy version from 1979 in light gull grey over white.

#2 is a later version with all the lumps and bumps on the nose from 2010. This aircraft is in overall medium sea grey.

A Portuguese plane is next with low viz markings from 2009. This is in overall light ghost grey.

The fourth option is a Royal Navy plane from 702 squadron in 1979. This is in overall royal blue.

Moving to the left upper we have two more Brazilian Navy planes. The first is from 1986 in overall gloss medium sea grey. The other is in a matte MSG from 2002. You can see that a sea search radar has been added to the second plane.

Finally, another Portuguese offering, this time from 2016 with a full color insignia.

There are enough stencils and walk areas for one plane, but if you use kit decals, you can undoubltedly do more. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale.

August 2019

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