Experts Choice 72-11: ANG F-16s

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Scott Van Aken

Expert's Choice is a smaller decal company, but one that is a bit more eclectic than the big boys. For one thing, they do a lot of ANG aircraft, which is really great. This particular sheet covers three ANG units from the 1993 era.

First up is the 175 FS/114 FG of the South Dakota ANG. This unit had nose art on a number of aircraft and six of those planes are represented on the sheet. Separate tail numbers are provided for all the aircraft so that you can choose which one to do. The planes in this unit are F-16C/D though the drawing shows an A and is to be used only for reference.

Next up is the 174 FS/185 FG of the Iowa ANG. Whille only one plane is shown, there are pilot and crew chief names provided for 8 other aircraft. You'll have to do some research work to tie in any serials with these names as none is given. This unit also flies F-16C/D.

Finally, the 159 FS/125 FG of the Florida ANG. This plane is an ADF version, but without the full mods. There are no 'road warrior' IFF antenna banks on this one though it does have the bulged fin and spotlight. You could also do a standard F-16A as this unit initially received its planes without any ADF mods.

For kits, you are in good hands for the F-16A/B/C/D as Hasegawa makes a fine model. An even better kit for the F-16C is the newer Revell-Monogram boxing. For the ADF you are pretty well stuck with the Fujimi kit. It is a super model, but extremely difficult to find. Other companies making the straight F-16A are ESCI, Italeri and I'm sure there are others.

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