Euro Decals 48-109: Messerschmitt Emils part 1
Units: Numerous


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Scott Van Aken

It has been a while since there has been a new 109 sheet cross my table and now we have a very nice one from Euro Decals. This particular set includes markings for eight 109Es in a variety of markings and camo schemes.

First up is an E-7 from 8./ZG1 in Russia during the summer of 1942. While not quite up to handling modern Soviet fighters, the E was still a potent ground attack aircraft and not totally defenseless. This one is in RLM 71/02/65 with heavy fuselage mottling . Yellow lower nose and tail band with the unit's famous wasp markings.

The 109E-3 was provided to the Spanish government after the Spanish Civil war and this is one of those planes. In RLM 63 over 65 it has a red spinner and the underside of the wingtips in white. The exhaust area is painted black.

The third options is a captured E-3/B that was tested by the RAF. Standard RAF green/earth uppers with yellow lower undersides. This aircraft was frequently flown without the canopy hood.

A Swiss 109E-3 is next. This is in RLM 71 over RLM65 and according to the caption is the only known one with circular roundels on the wings. The fuselage band does not extend to the bottom of the fuselage. It is unknown if this German-built plane had Swiss guns or the different control stick used on Swiss AF planes.

Next s Black 13, an E-4 from 8./JG 1 in 1941. It is in RLM 70/71 over 65 with yellow rudder and lower cowling.

A Bulgarian 109E-4 is next in post-Axis insignia from the winter of 1944/45. This is in standard RLM 74/75/76 camouflage with large areas of white squiggles painte over the upper surfaces. Though the reference photo is unclear as to whether wing insignia were carried, they are included.

An E-4 from 13 Squadron of the Slovak Air Force is next. This one is in RLM 74/75/76 with mottling as worn in April 1943. Yellow spinner, lower wing tips and fuselage band.

Finally an unmottled E-3 from 4./JG 77 in Norway in December 1940. This RLM 71/02/65 plane was the mount of Uffz. Ludwig Froba. It is unknown if the JG 77 badge was handed so both styles are provided.

The two sheets are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop and provide all of the unique markings for all eight options. The instructions are printed in full color as provide four views of each option.

A very nice sheet with some most interesting subjects and one that is sure to sell out quickly.

For 1/72 modelers, this sheet is also available as 72-109

March 2012

Thanks to Fantasy Printshop for the review sheet.

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