Euro Decals 72124: F-4C/E - 57th FIS
Units: 57 FIS


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Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from Fantasy Printshop is for the F-4C/E Phantom II with the 57th FIS. This squadron was based at Keflavik, Iceland as part of the defense of Iceland and to be an outpost to stop any Soviet bomber incursions into North America. The unit was reformed in 1953 with the F-89 Scorpion before moving to Iceland that same year. They later flew F-102s being the last USAF unit to operate the type. Then they got F-4Cs and later F-4Es. The squadron's F-4Es were the only active duty F-4E unit to fly their planes painted in overall ADC grey. They later moved on to the F-15C the aircraft they were flying when I was in Keflavik. They were later disbanded and the base turned over to the government of Iceland.

This particular sheet covers four different aircraft. One is an F-4C in the standard SEA camouflage scheme worn by all the unit's aircraft of this type. The other three are F-4Es with one in SEA camouflage> the other two are variations in the unit's black and white checkerboard on ADC grey aircraft. These cover the period of 1974 until 1985. 

The sheet provides insignia for all four aircraft though you will need common data/stencil markings from the kit of your choice. Over the years there have been several 1/72 kits of both the F-4C and F-4E from ESCI, Hasegawa, Fujimi and others. I'm not aware of anything really new that is specifically an F-4E or F-4C, but Revell has an F-4F that could be used to represent an F-4E though I'm not sure if it comes with the Sparrow missile bays or not. If one is to believe the drawings in the instructions, the F-4Es had the maneuvering slats introduced in the early 1970s. Most modelers will gravitate to the Hasegawa or even the Fujimi offering.

This is really a great sheet for the Phantom Fan and those who have an interest in doing planes of the 57 FIS. It is currently available in 1/48 as well and if the well done, full color instructions are a guide, will soon be done in 1/32 as well.  

December 2020

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