Euro Decals 32128: BAE Hawk in Worldwide Service
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Scott Van Aken

This set from Euro Decals is just the thing for the large scale BAE Hawk. We are fortunate that Revell does a very nice Hawk in 1/32 scale that goes together well. This sheet provides five interesting markings of somewhat current Hawks, most of which have morphed into low visibility or small insignia, which seems a bit odd to use on a trainer. However, several of these nations also use the aircraft in the light attack mode, so I guess the less visible markings would be appropriate.

Here is what is on the sheet:

Hawk Mk.65, n/n XX318, 95-Y, 100 Sqn. 95th Anniversary aircraft from 2012. Black with green/brown upper fuselage.
Hawk Mk.63, s/n 1722, 17 Sqn., Royal Jordanian Air Force with a brown and tan desert scheme with light blue undersides. This is one of a batch obtained from the UAE and is from around 2016.
Hawk Mk.51, s/n HW-345, Finnish Air Force in overall grey with light blue undersides from around 2012.
Hawk Mk.52, s/n 1002, Kenyan Air Force in green/grey over light grey. It is uncertain if these are still in service.
Hawk Mk.53, s/n TT-5309, 15 Sqn., Indonesian Air Force in a green/grey scheme with black areas around the nose and behind the cockpit from 2014. This and several of the others have low visibility insignia.

The sheet provides enough insignia and data markings for one aircraft or you can use what comes in the kit. Decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop.

July 2020

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