Eagle Strike  72-076: Wooden Wonder Pt 2

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Scott Van Aken


Not many new 1/72 sheets from US decal makers, but here is one that has seven different Mosquitos in it. Not only that, but there are common markings for all of the options on the sheet. While the sheet is designed for the Tamiya/Hasegawa family of Mossies, I'm sure that you can slap some of these babies on your favorite Airfix kit as well!

First up is a 627 Sq Mk IV in the standard scheme of Ocean Grey/Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey. This one has a small nose art in the form of a bowler hat.

Next is another Mk.IV, this time from 105 Sq. This one is also in the standard scheme and is named 'Uncle Sam' with the appropriate nose art.

The first Mk VI is an 84 Sq plane from India post-war. This is in overall aluminum paint with SEAC roundels and stripes.

A Mk.IX night bomber from 109 Sq is up next. This aircraft was a pathfinder and so has the standard scheme with black undersides.

Another Mk IV is ? from 138 wing, an aircraft that was used collectively by all three squadrons in the wing. Standard scheme with invasion stripes on the lower fuselage.

This night intruder is a Mk.VI from 605 squadron that operated with the bomber streams to counter German night fighters. Medium Sea Grey/Dark Green uppers with Black undersides and a black nose.

Finally, a Mk VI from 464 Sq RAAF in March 1945. This aircraft notched up an impressive kill score. Standard scheme.

All in all, a fine sheet for you Mossie lovers out there!

March 2005

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