Eagle Strike  72-075: Wooden Wonder pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

Here is the first of a pair of sheets on the Mosquito. This is a 'best sellers' sheet according to the cover and includes markings for 7 Mosquitos. There are insignia for all so if you are planning on a squadron full of planes, this is a good way to get them! Suggested kits are the Hasegawa or Tamiya versions, but you could use the Airfix ones without any problem, I do believe. Unless mentioned, all are FB.6s.

First is from 143 Squadron in 1945. It is Extra Dark Sea Grey (EDSG) over Sky with yellow spinners.

Next is from 248 Sq in mid 1944. It is also in EDSG over Sky with invasion stripes. It shares credit with sinking a U-Boat.

From 605 Squadron is this NF.II from mid-1943. It operated as a night intruder and is painted in Medium Sea Grey/Dark Green over black.

In overall painted aluminum is this 45 Squadron aircraft. It has the light/dark blue roundels and tailplane stripes required in the Burma theater during 1945.

In Dark Earth/Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey is this other 45 Squadron aircraft from early 1945.

This 235 Squadron aircraft is in EDSG over Sky with invasion stripes on the fuselage and yellow spinners. An interesting way of doing the squadron codes on this one.

Finally, from 418 Sq RCAF is this Dark Green/Medium Sea Grey aircraft that operated in 1944 against the V-1 missile.

March 2005

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