Eagle Strike  72-071: Augsburg Eagles pt II

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Scott Van Aken

Taking a clue from its 1/48 sheets, this one has markings for seven aircraft, all of them 109Fs. As I mentioned before your choices for kits of this version in 1/72 are limited to Frog, Jo-Han and Italeri. None of these are state of the art so backdating a G model is really your only option for now.

First is Yellow 4, an F-4 from 9./JG 3. It is in a non-standard pattern of RLM79/80/75 over RLM 78 with the usual Eastern Front markings.

Next is Hans Hahn's F-2 in standard RLM 74/75/76 camo with yellow nose and rudder.

From 1./JG 3 come sthis F-2 in standard scheme but with the fuselage 'mottling' done in small circles (which will be fun to duplicate in 1/72). The yellow nose and rudder have been mottled in what is probably RLM 71.

Switching to some desert schemes is this F-4/Z trop  in RLM 79 over 78 with white Med theater markings.

Adding a yellow nose and rudder to that scheme is this F-2/troop from I/.JG 27.

Next, in a low demarcation desert scheme with RLM 80 mottling is Yellow 12, a 109F-4 from 6./JG 3.

Finally is black 13, an F-4 from JG 5. It is in RLM 70/74/75/76, another of JG 5's experimental schemes.

As with the previous sheet there is full insignia for all and complete data markings for three planes.

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